Monday, 11 May 2015

Hunting Trip

I am currently searching for a new job which is filled with numerous trials  from tedious applications, misleading job descriptions and fruitless or disappointing interviews, to worrying about how long it will take for my supply of tea bags to run out, a deadly scenario - possibly for myself, but most definitely for anyone nearby when my internal caffeine gremlin stirs. However, there are some perks to having extra time on my hands and when I had three hours to kill in North Kensington I decided to stalk down some more appetising prey.

Although there are a seemingly endless supply of great places to eat and drink in the area, including Bluebelles Cafe, Lowry & Baker and Pizza East, I popped into an establishment next to Bluebelle's Cafe, whose name I cannot recall (bad blogger moment!) Do not let my faulty memory be an indication on their food. They offered an excellent selection of Italian paninis, deli food, creative salads and deserts. I chose a fresh salad which combined rice, chicken, seasonal vegetables and a light herby dressing which was the perfect accompaniment to the other ingredients.

My next stop was Kipferl, where authentic Austrian and Viennese cuisine is served in simplisticly stylish settings. This is their second site, another is located in Angel. Specialities range from Viennese coffee varieties and beverages, freshly baked cakes, to Frankfurters and Pierogi, an insanely satisfying savoury dish which I first tasted on a long weekend in Poland, and have been missing ever since. I ordered a delicious Topfentorte (a fluffy vanilla cheesecake) and a Velangerter (Americano). I was very happy as the coffee was paired with a small sachet of Milka, a chocolate variety which I believe beats any other confectionary competitor easily peasily. All the cakes can be ordered for take away - good news for tastebuds, bad news for my bank accounts and waistline. Although I wasn't expecting the würst, the cake, coffee and relaxed atmosphere were more than great and I'd gladly return to explore their menu further.

Let's hope I find a new position before my funds run out and I am unable to bankroll any other treats or trips!

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