Friday, 1 August 2014

Into Eternity: A Film for the Future, but watch it now

Putting aside the debates which contend whether nuclear power is or is not a viable, sustainable or acceptable source of energy, the fact that it has, is and will continue to generate highly toxic waste for the foreseeable future is undeniable. The byproducts will remain hazardous for an almost inconceivable length of time - 100,000 years. Into Eternity explores ONKALO, Finland and the world's first geologic repository, quarantine station or underground tomb for nuclear waste. The documentary thoughtfully considers many of ONKALO's fundamental safety issues, as well as broader concepts.

Madsden's crafted narration and accessible discussions from experts are artfully combined with compelling stylistic shots of ONKALO's maze of tunnels, vaults, its ongoing construction, as well as the eerily beautiful natural landscape above. Into Eternity makes viewers simultaneously consider humanity's capacity for irrecoverable destruction and unpredictable fallibility, as well as our transient nature and insignificance. After all, our current civilisation  can morph into irrecognisable forms within a fraction of ONKALO's desired life span, if humanity will exist at all.

Following Finland's lead, the UK government have recently announced plans to build a similar geological disposal facility (GDF), thus reinforcing Into Eternity and ONKALO's relevance for us in 2014, as well as innumerable other subsequent generations.

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