Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Goodbye July & My Holiday Buys

A few mementos I picked up on my holiday. I think the photos are pretty self-explanatory - bag, bracelet, perfume - but I do want to write a quick note about the latter. The name Calyx is derived from a Greek word for "seed pod", which is a nice coincidence given the destination of my holiday. It was initially released by Prescriptives in the 1980s and quickly became a cult fragrance. Although I have no experience of the original, this version from Clinique is a sparklingly bright, fruity floral fragrance. It has received some good reviews, notably from one of my favourite beauty writers, Sunday Times columnist and author India Knight. I would recommend trying before you buy as it suits me, but smelt completely different (and unfortunately, not so nice) on an initially interested passerby in duty free. Don't be put off by the initial blast of citrus, wait for it to mellow and the refreshingly unique floral notes to develop, then I'm sure you'll find that this one's a keeper.

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