Sunday, 27 July 2014

Kalispera from Kefalonia

In addition to the title and snaps I think it might be worth giving some details on where I spent two glorious weeks this month, Kefalonia. The largest Ionian island, Cephalonia, Keffalinia, Kephallenia or Kefalonia (the version I'm going to roll with) is a pretty lovely place. The next couple of posts will round up what I personally enjoyed and would recommend seeing, doing and eating.

  • Argostoli - Even if you stay in the north of the island as we did, do take the time to travel to the island's capital on one morning. Start by grabbing breakfast or an energising Greek coffee then wander to the harbour. Head to the fishing boats where you can browse the morning's catch and also meet some of the charming locals, a swarm of turtles who visit daily for the fishermen's cast offs.
  • The Gentilini winery -  Conveniently located in close proximity to the airport and capital, the family run winery is worth a visit. You can enjoy a free wine tasting, or for only 5 a head they offer a guided tour with local cheese, bread and olive oil to accompany a selection of their premium organic wines. 
  • The Drogarati caves & Melissani lake The cave is refreshingly cool 18C, offering a respite from the balmy sunshine 60m above where you can marvel at the the limestone formations. You can go for an enchanting boat ride on the incredibly bright blue Melissani Lake, the alleged home of water nymphs. Both the caves and lake can be visited on the return from Argostoli. 
  • Fiscardo - I don't think you can find a more picturesque Greek village. It features some of the island's oldest buildings, Roman ruins, boutique shops, an array of tavernas and boats from quaint fishing boats to the super yachts of the rich and famous. Away from the harbour's edge lies the Lord Falcon which is a brilliant thai restaurant. If you are in town on Friday go to Nicholas Taverna for a great view and some authentic Greek dancing.
  • BeachesIn my mind, swimming in the sea beats pools hands down (on most days anyway) and beaches are the perfect location for some of my favourite holiday activities, namely reading, sunbathing and taking long, lazy naps. There are almost too many beaches to choose from, but I rate Foki Bay, Aghia Jerusalem and Anti-Samos. Bring a torch to Foki as it has a large cave to explore. If you want some water sports and beach side cocktail bars go to Anti-Samos. Contrasting with the south, the northern beaches are pebbled which creates crystalline seas, impeccable snorkeling conditions and no itsy bitsy pieces of sand working their way into teeny weenie bikinis, score. 
  • Boats - You don't have to be a certified captain or storm weathered sailor to hire one of the small boats which are moored in many of the coastal villages. For those with more cash, you can hire a sailing boat or larger motor boat equipped with a skipper to visit a wider variety of beaches or some of the local islands. Either option is truly the best way to explore Kefalonia's spectacular coastline. As many of the coves and beaches are inaccessible by road, you can moor up and swim ashore to what is effectively your own private beach for a blissful morning or afternoon!

"Kalispera" - Good afternoon / evening

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